Selfie Wall

Inflatable wall with TKT Playtime Inflata Park logo to be used for photo ops! Get your picture today!

TKT Throne

Huge inflatable chair to be used for photo ops. Great for social media pictures!

Toddler Zone

Play area especially dedicated to our younger participants to partake in the enjoyment of the inflata park. While providing that extra sense of safety while their little ones are at play.
~ Up to 12 toddlers at a time
~ Maximum Height of 41”
~ This area is for small children and parents only
~ “Parents are to supervise ONLY”

Obstacle Course

TKT Obstacle Course Extreme! Show off your competitive side with this enormous 92ft obstacle course. Be ready to run, jump, and wiggle your way through while having unknowing exercising while having fun.
~ 2 players at a time
~ Minimum height 42”
~ Up to 4 players on the game at a time
~ Slide down the slide feet first

Moon Bounce

How high can you jump?

The moon bounce is an open play space for jumping to your heart's content. Show off your tricks and flips or jump as high or low as you want.

Biff Bash

A little remix of a maze. Race to the end without running into your partner.
~ Up to 2 players
~ Minimum height 42”

Dodgeball X/Nerf/Laser Arena

For extreme physical participants. Enjoy working with a team or just challenging yourself. Look for your next opening for this zone.
~ Up to 14 players at a time
~ Minimum height 42”
~ 7 players per side
~ You may be struck by a ball (PLAY AT OWN RISK)


Get ready to challenge your balance. Watch the arms as you attempt to maintain your balance of ducking and jumping as the arms rotate on the Meltdown. Be careful not to have too much fun!
~ Up to 6 players at a time
~ Minimum height 42”
~ 1 player per podium
~ This ride may strike you, RIDE AT YOUR RISK

Wipe Out Orbs

If you enjoyed watching "WipeOut" and watching the competitors attempt to run across and not fall off of the balance balls, this attraction is just for you. TKT Playtime Inflata Park offers its own version of that same adrenaline rush. Try running across 3 gigantic Orbs without falling off and making it to the other side to claim your victory.
~ 1 player at a time
~ Minimum height 42”
~ No flips from the balls
~ Exit slide feet first

Ninja Wall

Test your momentum… Choose your height and run as fast as you can to reach the top and enjoy the ride down.
~ 1 player at a time
~ Minimum height 42”
~ Up to 3 players on the game at a time
~ Slide down the slide feet first

Xtreme Slide

Not quite mountain climbing but still a challenge. See how high you can climb up the wall or make it a challenge as to who can reach the top first.
~ Up to 3 players at a time
~ Minimum height 42”

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